This is your starting point, if you haven't exercised regularly or recovering from mild injuries, this is for you. Based in Hatha Yoga this a gentle introduction to the basic movements involved in yoga.

A slower more meditative yoga class where the hold time for poses can be between 3-5 mins, long meditations and a focus on looking inwards. Yin poses work on breaking up the stuck connective tissues, scar tissue and stretching out the tendons and ligaments. Great for reducing stress and developing your meditation practices.

Heather Says is the founder of HoopCubed, providing hoop dance and burlesque instruction, teacher training, and hand made hoops. She is also a HoopYogini™ Master Trainer. She has been in the hoop since 2010, teaching people all over the United States and the world how to incorporate this “children's toy” into their lives and learning how to let go and play again. Joining the HoopYogini™ team in 2015, Heather expanded her offerings to include using the hoop as a meditative and yogic force, bringing peace, relaxation, and reflection.

Come get centered with Ruby and focus on working that butt in this fun, active class. Suitable for all levels!

Hatha based yoga class focused on an intention, using the breath meditation and poses (asana) to work on building a more intuitive body mind and spirit.

An active vinyasa flow class where we focus on all parts of the body. Some "work out" style moves are incorportaed into the yoga poses. Poses are held for a shorter amount of time, but there are more done in this class to be able to focus on more parts of the body. We also learn how to breathe properly and focus on the breath throughtout our practice. Ending with a nice visual meditation and some essential oils, allowing you to live in the now

Learn about the Wisdom of the Tarot, each meet up we focus on learning the cards. Focus on learning the particular cards, meanings, as well as practice reading for yourself and others.  Learn spreads and intuitive connection to the cards. 

Sound and vibrations have been used for thousands of years to help move, balance  and release energies. In these sessions we use shamanic drumming, crystal bowls as well as different types of handmade, native instruments to create a musical session. 

Discover this beautiful art of the tease, and how to bring that confidence into your everyday life. You'll learn bumps, grinds, shimmies, and so much more! NO dance experience necessary, bring a notebook and any costume pieces you'd like to bring into your "act".

 A guided meditation will provided for 20 minutes. Great for if you're just starting or trying to grow a deeper meditation practice.

Have you always wanted to be a painter, but don't think you have any creativity? Are you wanting to start the new year by putting your intentions down on canvas? This offering is cultivated for you. Artist and painting instructor Adenn Fox will lead you through creating a piece all your own. Feel free to bring wine and your friends! $25 per person, Materials provided.

Into Art? Want to increase your creative flow? Connect with your flowstate and creative you own mandala? Tap into the gateway to the universe with this unique art and yoga experience. Sound meditation included. 

Do you ever feel stuck? Maybe like your not keeping yourself accoutable for your goals.  Working with the moon cycles is a great way to lock in and harness the powers of  the universe. Flow with the natural pattterns and use these energies to accompish and reah your goals. 


Intention setting - Journaling - self discovery 

Reiki is originates from an ancient Japanese technique used for relaxation and stress reduction, it's a form of over the body light touch or no touch transference of energy from one to another. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances, as well as sleep issues.

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