So you ready to start your Journey as a Yogi ?


Maybe your just want to learn more about yoga or you want to be able to share the benefits with the world , this is where to start. 

Spring Yoga offers several at your own pace training programs .  Follow the information and links below to get started today! 

Course Offerings 

200 hour yoga teacher training

Hatha Yoga based but not limited to hatha only . You will be required to complete course work , submit homework . As well as commit to sending some videos of you teaching (3)and video chat for progress and questions. at the end of this course & payment has been accepted  you will be send a certificate of completion . 

12 month Hosting Healing Circles Course Template

This course is designed to prepare you to become creative and become confident in hosting a healing circle in your community. you will be give a template for each month of year to learn from , you will also have the opportunity to video chat for question concerns and comments . 

Intuitive Tarot 101

Intuitive tarot is NOT future casting or predicting when you will die ! IF your wanting to learn to read cards to dive deeper into shadow work or learning more about yourself this is the course . This video course will help you learn each card, all about the spread and how to integrate this into your daily life .  You will also receive a reading and video chat for questions concerns and comments.

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