Want to start a Yoga program in your Public School? 

Beyond the walls of our studio we realize the importance of community and instilling mindful tools to children early on , The benefits this has is insurmaountable  and can create great change in many lives . If you intrested  in starting a program at your school contact Hope @ 

Corporate Health/ Group classes 

Imagine a calm and productive workplace- A place where  there is positive energy, all of your co- workers are in a Zen like state and increase your employee's well-being.  Everyone gets a chance to take a break from sitting behind the desk , or a much needed stretch session from a physically challenging job .   In recent years many studies have proved that Yoga "Does the body good"  not just physically but also emotionally .

Want to bring yoga to your workplace?  Corporate Rates available 

Want to have an instructor come once a week on site to teach a class ?

 call us 832-992-0250 or email us at springtxyoga@gmail.com

Prices start @ $50 per 1hr session (that's like $10 a person for 5 people)  Plus gas if travel is outside of 5 mile of the Studio 

We also will communicate with HR  Departments to arrangements. to request this information or a pamphlet, just give us a call .  


Want to thow a YOGA Party?

WoW ! What a fun way to spend with your friends! Bring wellness to your friends and family . Packages available Schedule  your party now  contact us at 832-992-0250  springtxyoga@gmail.com

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