HoopCubed Hoop Dance and HoopYogini™

Hey guys, Heather here! So, when we were kids, we didn't exercise. At least, that's not what we called it. It was called playing, and it was done in the front yard, often with neighborhood kids. So why do we grow up and start "exercising" instead of playing? That's what hoop dance is. We take a child hood toy, make the right size for an adult, and do various hooping techniques to work out our whole bodies. And what else do we do? We laugh and shriek and have a blast! Life is full of things we HAVE to do that we don't like, don't make working out one of them! HoopCubed is all about Health at Every Size and recognizing that our bodies are AMAZING and have so much to offer us, right now. 

Now, I bet I know what you're thinking. That you've tried using your child's hoop and it fell to the ground, despite the fact that you could keep it around your waist for hours as a kid. That's because you're using a hoop for a little body, not an adult one! What you need is a hoop that is larger and heavier, and lucky for you, I've got those for class. When you leave your first session, you WILL have that hoop swinging around your waist! 

Want more information? Or maybe YOU want to become a HoopCubed Hoop Dance Instructor? Head over to www.hoopcubed.com for more details, or to our YouTube channel to see hooping in action!

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