Reiki, Energy and Sound work 

Reiki, Energy and Sound Private sessions available for $90 per 90 minutes recommended sessions is 3 times in 3 consecutive weeks purchase 3 sessions for $250 / $20 savings

Reiki grows it's roots from Japan, a form of energy healing that involves the practitioner/s to perform either light touch or no touch channeling of life force energy to the receiver.


Reiki is a Japanese word that comes from two words - Rei and ki. In the Japanese language, these words can mean different things depending on how they are used and how they are combined with other words. When they are used together for the practice of healing, the word Rei means universal spirit, Higher Power or God. The word ki refers to the life-force energy that flows through everything.


What can Reiki do for you

  • helps with insomnia

  • helps with recovery  from medical treatment,  operations, and injuries

  • treatment for stress , anxiety , and  mental dis-ease 

  • helps regulate blood pressure

  • soothes sore and tight muscles

  • fosters self healing

  • balances energies in the body

  • promotes personal awareness

  • enhances spiritual connection

  • induces meditation states

Here at the studio we combine elements from modalaties inculding sound and vibrational healing to create a progessive session . Each client speaks with the practicioner on a individual basis to find out specific needs . 

some of the modalities that can be requested :

  • Massage 

  • Reiki/ Energy work 

  • Crystals

  • Crystal bowls and  shamanic drumming 

  • Guided Meditation 

What does a typical  session look like?

Generally the receiver will lie on his/her back or in a chair, while the practitioner may use guided meditation or light touch, over the clothes techniques, to help get the receiver into a relaxed state.  Even though a massage table maybe used, Reiki is not a massage, nor are massage techniques used. Once relaxation is reached, a series of hand positions will help channel and move life force energy (ki or prana)  in the body. The feeling of Reiki has been interpreted as a warm sense of peacefulness, soothing vibration, and being in the most relaxed state. Reiki helps support the body's natural healing process and will continue to work after the session has concluded. Reiki can also be felt several days after the session. 

Reiki Certification Level 1 Class  $150

In this workshop you will learn/receive:


The history of Reiki ~Mikao Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Hawayo Takata 

*Basic hand positions

*Conversations universal life energy, Chakra system, and eastern belief system

*Self Reiki treatments

*Practicing Reiki on each other  

*Instructional  handout

*Level One certificate

 From 9:30 am. to 3:30 pm. (30 min lunch) 

We keep these classes small b/t 5-10 people please contact me for questions or to register for class 832-992-0250

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