Full Moon New Beginnings Ritual and Manifestation

August 3, 2020

Celestial Gatherings Full Moon -New Beginnings 





Saging Space and people in the space -Cleansing the space of negative energies 


Introduce essential oil for meditation : lavender, patchouli,vetiver,sandalwood, cedar-wood


Grounding meditation :

Find yourself in a seated position

 ….. you may place a bolster or pillow under your hips for a more comfortable position. 

Close your eyes down and take a deep cleansing breath , in through the nose and exhale with a sigh

 ……. Repeat this two more times . 

Allow your shoulders to fall away from your ears, rest your hands on your legs. 

Continue to take those deep cleansing inhales and exhales and you begin to relax your body and tap into your inner realm. 

Each breath that you take you drop deeper 

….and deeper into this

 …...calm space.

Begin to bring your awareness to the top of your head and visualize a beam of light shining down through the roof of the house

 ….and down through the ceiling and into the top of your head . 

As you sit there and breathe , you allow and watch this beam of warm light move down through the top of your head. Down your neck

…... down through your heart space  and continue to let it move and fill your body with the light. …….  and it flows all the way down though your root chakra and then split off down your legs to your feet. 

Feel this flow of energetic light move and behave how it wants to in and though your body 

….. Let the awareness of this light be drawn down to your feet. 

….. Now release anything that feels unwanted , anything that you feel no longer serves you as you use the powerful energy of the full moon to help manifest and progress you along your path. 

Just let it go……. Let …… It ……. Go 

Now bringing the awareness back to the top of your head , I want you to bring the feeling of openness … and allowing of sorts , so that any spirit guides , past loved ones , ascended masters or deities may communicate any wisdom to you during this session.   

Allowing this openness to help  keep you on track and provide any support  you may need til the next new moon. 


Repeat the following in your head :


Tonight I enter the sacred space of my heart , I go deep within my soul , and ask for  the divine guidance and support that I need at this time. I take this moment to affirm to myself that I will move forward with the highest intentions of my manifestations , may they come to fruition, with compassion and joy. 



 Journal and Tarot : 

Shuffle  and draw 3 cards  while thinking about the following 3 questions 


Illuminations : Card 1- What can no longer be hidden? 

Release       : Card 2 -  What can I let go of ? 

Transformation: Card 3 - what is getting ready to emerge?


In  your journal  your going to take and draw a line halfway down the middle ( horizontal or vertical doesn’t matter ) 

On one side title it “ Release” the other side “Manifest” 

On the manifest side your going to use the information from the journal entry to list what you would like to let go of and what you want to bring in  during the time til the next new moon. 


Tear the side out that has your release list on it   , burn it in a cauldron  or fire safe bowl . 

The important thing here is to focus on the intention of what you're releasing as you watch the paper burn away. 


We will keep the manifest section until next meet up  to see the progress of the list. 

You will make a copy of this list and place it in a place that you will see daily, to read and remind yourself of what you're doing . 


As we close this meetup out , I want to remind you of the importance of self care . 

In doing so , tonight’s ritual will be one of self care. 



Let everyone know you taking a bath and not to bother you 

Put on some relaxing music no words 

Spend at least 20 mins soaking in :


Sacred Moon Intention Bath Take about a cup of epsom salts , himalayan or sea salt

Mix with 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil Rose , camomile , or any dried flowers that you love








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