Hope Maxwell     

RYT-200  The Yoga Institute of Houston, Lex Gillian

2nd Degree  Reiki practitioner, Alpha Light Therapies, Gloria Minney

LMT Phoenix School of Massage

I started my journey later in life while in massage school, I had been living a wild life as a heavy metal drummer for a number of years and had not taken care of my mental health or my physical body. Being a mom of two beautiful girls and working a full time physical job, I started searching for some type of balance. 


I attended one yoga class at a gym and absolutely hated it. Not only did I feel out of place, but I had no idea what the instructor was doing. After that I followed online videos and books to learn yoga and meditation. Then an opportunity arose for me to attend teacher training, so I vowed to myself that I would NOT make another student fell uncomfortable or out of place in a class.  So that's my mission; to help share information and techniques to help people from all walks of life heal from alternative therapies.


I host a Reiki circle hold and workshops on meditation as well as many more alternative therapies. I believe including the spiritual, scientific and physical benefits to the all the classes and workshops is very important to reaching out and touching someone's spirit.

I am a trained massage therapist with hours of massages under my belt, as well as anatomy and physiology training, this I believe helps me understand what is going on in your body during yoga. I enjoy spending my time with my family, creating art , practicing energy healing and learning from others .
I am available  for group or private sessions, contact me directly at springtxyoga@gmail.com or 832-992-0250

Heather Says   

Spring Yoga Co-Owner

HoopCubed Creator

200 hr HoopYogini™ Master Trainer

Yoga For All Instructor 

Heather Says is the founder of HoopCubed, providing a body positive approach to hoop dance, yoga, and burlesque instruction, teacher training, and hand made hoops. She is also a HoopYogini™ Master Trainer. She has been in the hoop since 2010, teaching people all over the United States and the world how to incorporate this “children's toy” into their lives and learning how to let go and play again. Joining the HoopYogini™ team in 2015, Heather expanded her offerings to include using the hoop as a meditative and yogic force, bringing peace, relaxation, and reflection. Contact Heather directly for more information at 337-692-5460 (text or call) or heather@hoopcubed.com 

Hanna Stowe   

200 RYT The Yoga Institute of Houston 

She started her journey shortly after her mom became a yoga instructor, she was inspired by her and decided to become a teacher as well! She felt the need to incorporate relaxation and balance into her life as she began her pregnancy, she decided to go through a 200hr teacher training with Lex Guillan as well as learn as much as she could from her mom.


She enjoys spending her free time doing yoga, meditating, creating crystal jewelry, art, and music. She found that anything creative has helped her feel balanced and whole as well as relieve any stress going on in her life! Her goal in each class is to make sure her students feel comfortable, relaxed, and in tune with their higher selves all while getting a nice work out! She hopes to see you at upcoming classes and events!

Dixie Parks

200 RYT Spring Yoga 

Hello Everyone! Meet Dixie Parks! Dixie started her journey with yoga a couple years ago but truly found that she loved it when she found Spring Yoga. She recently finished her Yoga Teacher Training with Hope Maxwell at Spring Yoga. Aside from yoga and her day job, Dixie loves to visit renaissance festivals in the area and explore new and fun ways to practice yoga.

Ruby Aguilar 

AFFA Certified Sunrise Yoga, Aqua-Fit

Hey y’all, I finally started my yoga journey after a year of encouragement from my physician...I was dealing with menopause and autoimmune disease. I’ve got to admit I hated it, but continued. About a month into attending a consistent schedule of 3 classes per week my body flipped a switch and began to crave this practice of self love. So, I’ve gotta admit, my physician was right! 


After 3 years I decided to become an AFAA certified Sunrise yoga instructor in February 2019. 


As an adult I’ve always enjoyed working out and leading group fitness. I’m also a fascia fanatic and “blaster sister”,  so I really love Yin Yoga. I look forward to seeing you in class as we build cute booties, release restrictions in our bodies, increase our mobility/flexibility and decrease our stress as we discover inner peace through slow mindful movement. 


I’m originally from Nashville, Tennessee and I’ve been in Texas since 1991. I’m happily married to my Ironman. Our blended family consists of 6 adult children and 5 grandchildren. I retired from my career as a medical coding and billing specialist last year. I currently teach yoga, aqua fit, and I’m working on my hula hoop instructor certification.



The divine light in me honors and respects the divine light in you, namaste. http://Queenoffingerbling.com/

Heidi Bothmann

200hr RYT Spring Yoga 

Heidi was born and raised in the Spring, TX area and graduated from Klein High School in 1995. She spent her youth on dance and drill teams, in cheerleading and gymnastics. Now working a full-time desk job, Heidi knows the strains that both an active and a sedentary life can have on your body. After practicing many different forms of yoga at many different studios off and on for over 20 years (as well as trying martial arts, Pilates, CrossFit, Zumba, and many other workouts), Heidi finally found her home at Spring Yoga in October 2016. After almost 2 years of practicing under the guidance of Hope Maxwell, Heidi completed her 200 hr Spring Yoga & Synergy Teacher Training in September 2018.

Heidi feels that she found her home at Spring Yoga because the teachers and students are just regular people whom she can relate to and connect with on various levels. Even though she’s serious enough about yoga to become a teacher, Heidi is still a curvy girl with insecurities and vices, just like the rest of us. The Spring Yoga family is open and accepting of all body shapes, sizes, abilities and Dr Pepper addictions!

Heidi also hopes to heal the world by representing and selling one of the purest and most bio-available brands of CBD products on the market today, Green HoriZen! She began this venture intending to simply help her husband and son get off their pharmaceutical medications and kick those nasty side effects. She has since helped many people do the same, as well as alleviating and relieving multiple customers’ other pains and other medical ailments.

In her free time, Heidi prefers to take it down a notch and relax with meditation and personal energy work. As a Reiki Master, Heidi knows the effects that the universal energies can have on each and every thing, including ourselves. She strives to always put good energies out into the universe, thus attracting good energies to all her daily interactions.

To connect with Heidi, please feel free to join her Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/HolisticHealingWithHeidi and/or follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/holistichealingwithheidi

Tracy Fink

200 RYT Spring Yoga 

Hi Ya'll!  I'm Tracy and I've been doing yoga off an on for about 8 years because well ya know...life gets in the way sometimes. About a year ago I found Spring Yoga and committed to the journey of personal betterment and happiness. I love it and the way it makes me feel which resulted in wanting to learn it all. To do that I decided to take Yoga Teacher Certification class taught by Hope.


My classes are basic beginner, for now, but I will be offering modifications for those a little more advanced.


I'm originally from Wisconsin. I moved to Texas in 2011 with my husband and dog. When I am not at the studio or practicing yoga I like to be outdoors, reading and spending time with my family and grandsons back in Wisconsin. 

I'm looking forward to this journey and I hope you will will join me for the ride. See you on the mat! 

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