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Created with the intention of teaching community minded individuals a compassionate way to share yoga, meditation and energy filled healing practices. I believe that people who are applying to this program has a life’s purpose to use this information to enlighten, heal, create joy and love in many students. Though finding their own unique voice and passions, teachers in training will explore the proper ways to instruct, self-discover and continue to learn.

At Spring Yoga, we understand that life is a balancing act. We are living examples of using your life as a preface for your growth along a yogic path. We hold the highest standards of training through real world experience, community involvement, peer to peer interactions, educational teachings, open mindedness, and empowerment of each student. We honor the student’s openness to explore their own connection to yoga and develop their own voice. We are not interested in making cookie cutter teachers but rather in facilitating an experience of becoming the best teacher you can be.

Spring Yoga will provide a quality educational experience that prepares graduates to join the yoga teaching community and become members of the National Association of Certified Yoga Teacher if they so choose.

We are not Affiliated with the Yoga Alliance.

Admission Requirements:  
Spring Yoga will consider an applicant to be enrolled as a trainee when they meet the following criteria:

Emailed  Essay (Written essay on why you want to become a Yoga Instructor) is completed including photograph send to here and $250 deposit is received non refundable . 

Sessions April, May and June 2018 :

 Wens 1pm-4pm

 Thursdays 9am-4pm

 Saturdays 11am-4pm

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  • 6 Months prior to the Teacher Training start date $1875

  • 3 Months prior to the start date $2025

  • Anytime after 6 Weeks up to one Week prior to the start date $2,125.

  • Service Exchange Program available ask management 

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